Hey ! Take a good look.
You in your mind Huh !!!!
For weapons, if you use them like this... You can take down enemies this easy. Depending on how you use them... there, you can take another ennemy down at same time.
This isn't pratice. In real fight, reaction time is more important than strengh. What i'm saying is that the small fries close to you are more dangerous than a strong ennemy that's far away.
You ...
Are you... afraid to pick up a weapon and kill enemies ? But don't forget, we made a promise.
To survive, no matter what. living in this world hurting others is unavoidable.
Hum ? I see. So, you're ready.
This is your first mission. Now, get a grip on your haft.
Kill your enemies before they draw their weapons, kill them before they see you. Just thinking like your enemies is useless, you have to act like them
Don't forget, you're be able to survive on your own.

Prologue 2:Edit

Are you asleep already...?
I've lived this life for a long time, but... i think this is the happiest i've ever been.
Do you remember ? You were an orphan then. You lost your parents to the war and were left in an orphanage... then you met me, it was really impulsive to take you in and raise you like that
Well my life is unstable too... But it's just about perfect for me.
I hope... that someday it'll be perfect for you, too.
Narrator Saying this, Rosa give you a quick peck on the cheek.
Now then... You're a true mercenary now. You'll meet many friends, go on adventures with them... Marry a nice girl, maybe even have a kids.
There are many possibilities to be happy, like that, for me... unfortunately, not so much.
You see, i can't stand your way. You and i should split up here.
Just... Keep that promise. Live Live, and Live some more
You You wake up on the next day
You Where is Rosa ? That impulsive teacher ?
You She... who was sister and mother. has disappeared.
Narrator 3 months later