Menu Gameplay :Edit

Menu Gameplay

Those Unit you have on the left are the girl you can deploy in the battle. You can also as well of course deploy all at once.

Once is deployed, a cooldown is writte on her icon which mean her skill is loading

Bot rightEdit

1: menu option

that you can change some thing about the game such a BGM / Voice / Sound / Display Damage etc 

2: The Sword one.

when is activated, your Unit automatically use Skill

3 : The Runner one.

When is activated, all of your unit is deployed at once.

4 : Customisation Skill on bot right you can see 3 skill which you can customise in your profile but you can also use those form the button middle top


1: actually the leader you put in your team

2: The HP of your Leader 3: It's the commander skill

once is shining like you see on the screen, you can use the skill

PS : using Unit skill also depleted this one 4: It's the HP of the ennemy Leader