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new Gacha limited Edit

CG Yukata new years for Eris and Pasu 

New years event  Edit

Collecting Gold coin for buy item from the shop or in the quest tab

for celebrating the new years event, we added an SSR ticket in the shop

Event Expedition collect fortune boxEdit

collect those box for get item from the quest tab

New reward log timeEdit

inside of the log reward, you can get an little envelope new years (?) that when you double click can give you those item :

Benisakura (equipement)

[EXP] ancient armor

Spirit vases (recovery fatigue)

Stationed acceleration (acceleration for expedition)

Gift box

AP recovery agents (25)

Platinum Medal

==New system improvement in the list of Unit menu  ==

that now you can see her stat, love lvl, skill and equipement

Other Edit

Quick select button added from the church

Voice can be hear in the gacha list