Included in this update:

- New Limited Time Gatcha

- Pick Up Gatcha new roster

- Limited Time Gatcha 11-rolling Extra Benefits for Android Release Commemoration

- New event "The Goal is Treasure"

- Marathon/Extermination re-opens - All stage AP costs 50% down campaign

- New Commander Support Package 4

Extended Maintenance Compensation:

- 1 All-recovery AP potion - All servers

All Stages 50% AP costs down: (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- To celebrate the android release further, all stages will have 50% reduced AP costs

Event "The Goal is Treasure": (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- By clearing any of the difficulties, you can obtain the event item "Goddess' Symbol"

- These items can be exchanged at the event shop for various items

- Specifically, there is a box for 200 symbols called "[SSR+] Unit Introductory Letter", which assumedly awards a random [SSR+] unit out of its contents

- The last two difficulties have a chance to drop [SSR] equip "Rose Ring"

- Additionally, new event achievements have been added for successful clears of any stage (emphasis on any)

- The rewards for these achievements are a specific unit rewarding box. The selection of units are any of the current silver gatcha limited girls (with the exception of the fairy Suzette)

- When the box is used, you can select one of the possible girls as a reward. What's notable is the 3rd achievement gives a [R+] box.

- You can exit out of the selection screen granted by the box without the box being used.


- New Limited Time Gatcha featuring Christia and Velvet with increased rates on them (25th Feb ~ 10th Mar)

- When the period is over, both girls will be added to the platinum gatcha (Christia will be modified from [UR+] to [SSR+] when this occurs)

Pick-up Gatcha:

- New roster (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- Note that you may save tickets to use for a future pick-up gatcha roster

Android Release Commemoration 11-rolling Extra Benefits: (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- When you purchase 11-rolls, in addition to getting the regular tickets for the pick-up gatcha, you'll receive extra stuff! (Dependant on purchase number)

- 1st Purchase : 10 Caramels (Caramel is used to completely fill AP)

- 2nd Purchase : 3 [SSR] Equipment Boxes (When used, awards one [SSR] Equipment from a past event)

- 3rd Purchase : Guaranteed [SSR+] Gatcha Ticket (Can be used in the Guaranteed [SSR+] Gatcha, which as the name implies, is filled entirely with SSR+ girls only)

- For the 4th Purchase and beyond, there are no more extra benefits apart from the usual pick-up gatcha ticket.

- The Guaranteed [SSR+] Gatcha will only last until 3rd March so do use your ticket before the maint on that day hits...

Marathon/Extermination Mission Re-opening: (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- This marathon/extermination is for [EXP] equipment

- Clearing the 10th battle successfully in the 10-stage Advanced level marathon/extermination will reward you with a guaranteed [UR] [EXP] equip.

New Commander Support Package 4: (25th Feb ~ 24th Mar)

- New Players who start the game during this period will receive the Commander Support Package

- This package includes [SSR] Shin, 10*25 AP Potions, 10*Equipment Box 1 (generally gives random gear of N~R ranks), and 10*Gift Box (gives random affection items that you can give to girls)


- Connection Timer Bonuses have been changed.

To celebrate the android release, they're a bit more generous, and include a platinum medal as well as an [SR] [EXP] equip. (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- Login Bonus Calendar has reset. It will change after the next maintenance. (25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar) - Minor UI tweak regarding selecting units for expeditions, or transferring captain status another girl.

Retweet Campaign(25th Feb ~ 3rd Mar)

- Retweet the tweet from the official ravens twitter account. (Make sure you're following them too.)

- If enough retweets are reached (300), then everyone on every server will receive a platinum gatcha ticket

- Additionally, 100 people who retweeted will be picked from lottery to receive 3 additional platinum gatcha tickets

- You will be notified if you are a winner by DM (direct message). If you do not answer, you effectively forfeit your winning status.

- You also should be following the official account if you wish to participate in the lottery, as unfollowing forfeits any chance of winning as well.

- The date of distribution for the platinum gatcha ticket will be announced at a later date. 

Fixed Bug:

- During brief moments where you use a commander skill while a unit is currently using their unit skill, or changing the auto-skill toggle while a unit skill is being used, the battle will terminate and you will be returned to the home screen.

- You still get loot though, and your blessing bar still goes down, just like if you refreshed the screen during the battle or it came to an error after loading.

- Compensation for the bug is 1 All-recovery AP Potion + 2*Marathon/Extermination Extra Runs