Halloween Event: The Witch of the Festival October 22nd ~ November 5th (2 Weeks)
- Clear episode 6 of the event to obtain Halloween themed Lilium R
- On the later episodes, you will be able to earn "Reputation" points to get more rewards.
- Reputation points are earned by clearing specific stages.
- Stages with harder difficulty will reward more points.
- Reputation points will be lost when the event expires.
- Rewards are earned based on how many points you accumulate, and this can be checked by clicking the button next to the ? button on your reputation points bar.
- The "Equipment box" or 装備ボックス that drops from an event stage or is available as a reward from earning reputation points is currently not fully implemented, and will only be able to be opened after the maintenance on the 29th October

Gatcha Changes

- Halloween themed Michelle ([HW] Michelle/[HW]ミシェル) and Beatrice (ベアトリス) Limited Time Gatcha available until 5th November
- Kotone and Eris are still available in their own Limited Time Gatcha until the 29th October (click the arrows to the side of the Limited Time Gatcha banner to switch)


- Extension for these events: Gift box stages, Platinum medal from connection bonus rewards (the timer), フランセット event (no idea how to localize this, please help)
- These events will go on until 29th October maintenance
- Grandmaster/player level cap raised from 60 to 70

Pre-registration bonuses handed out! - If you pre-registered for the game, you will find a gift box in your warehouse or storage with 3x Platinum ticket + Pas/Paz (パス) [SR]
- It has the same icon as the default gift boxes, but has a considerably longer description
- If your box is not in your warehouse or storage yet, please be patient.
- When you use the pre-registration gift box, you will receive the platinum tickets and a box with Pas/Paz (パス) [SR]. Don't forget to use her box to summon her!

Returning the missing Demon Gems/Stones (魔光石) due to bug - If your Demon Gems/Stones (魔光石) went missing due to a bug of them disappearing on a subsequent login, please go to the shop's 4th tab to check that your missing Demon Gems/Stones have been returned.
- Team is sorry for the inconvenience.

Change in how SR Rank Up Tickets are used - As shown in the picture in the article, there is a button next to the rank up button to use the appropriate rank up ticket
- The amount of rank up tickets you have will be displayed at the bottom of the rank up screen
- They are still looking into accidental uses of the SR rank up tickets before the change, and may announce further news about it on the official website. They offer their apologies again.