2 New Limited CG Unit in Limited Gacha (1% chance of getting the new unit at UR+) Unit storage Purchase increase to 50 

Honor Event stage  Girls of holy war  (2 weeks) (230K point for UR)

Easy (50-200)

Advance (100-400)

Expert (200-800)

Extreme (300-1200) Stationing event (2 weeks)

Collect Dream Stardust from Stationing (駐屯)

Login Event (2 weeks)

Login for 30 mins and more to collect Hallelujah Star

Limited CG Chirstmas for アインス (Aiins) 

Expedition Reward change during the event  (Those Blue Medal can be exchange on the quest tab for some item) medal can be get in event as well

Other Update : Can see you in each equipement which girl have this item equipement (writted on White)