Included in this update: Edit

- New limited time gatcha

- Pick-up gatcha new roster

- Increased max purchase limit for unit, inventory and equipment storage expansions

- New event "United Front" (literally all 4 kanji as an entry in the dictionary)

- Main story chapter 13 added

- Changes to drops for main story stages and weekend only dailies

- All stage clear grades will have identical item drop rates


- New limited time gatcha for girls "Mia" and "Viola" (18th Feb ~ 3rd March)

- Mia is only available as UR+

- After limited time gatcha period, both girls will be added to the platinum gatcha, however Mia will be SSR+ instead

- Pick up gatcha new roster (18th Feb ~ 25th Feb)

Event "United Front": (18th Feb ~ 25th Feb)Edit

- The event is different this time around, based on clears and achievements

- There are specific one-time rewards for clearing stages with certain passing grades (e.g. B, A, or S. Clearing with S nets you clearance for B and A achievements too.)

- Stages are divided into difficulties, and some difficulties have multiple stages within it denoted with + signs.

- The difficulty tiers follow as Beginner (初級), Intermediate (中級), Advanced (上級), Extreme(超級), and God(神級)

- Most achievements are just 1 time clears up to S. There are two achievements for 15 S clears on Extreme++ (超級++) and God++ (神級++)

- Extreme costs 60 AP and can kill girls sitting on 2k def so be prepared..

Main story:Edit

- Main story chapter 13 has been added - [N]~[R] equipment drops have been added to some main story stages

Weekend Dailies:

- On the extreme difficulty of the weekend dailies for [EXP] equipment, you can now obtain [UR] [EXP] rings.

- Therefore it was decided that [UR] [EXP] equipment should not longer be a limited time reward


- Max purchase limit on unit, inventory and equipment storage has been raised

- Connection timer bonus rewards have been modified (removal of chocolate recipe from valentine event essentially) - All stage clear grades (aka C to S) now have identical item drop probabilities (there's a slim but still possible chance I translated this wrong)

- There is now an extra [?] button on certain UI screens in case you would wish to view the tutorial for them once again

Bug Fixes:Edit

- Fixed missing illustrator's name in the introduction of special costume/maid Kittori

19th February Emergency Maintenance

- This maintenance will last from 11:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM JP time

- All servers will be affected

- The maintenance will address some issues such as login bonus calendar being reset, units using skills in battle even though there is not enough SP in the SP pool, and only units at max lv being shown in the rank up selection screen (aka all units should be showing not just max lv)