12th November Update

Extended maintenance compensation:

25 AP Potion

Emergency maintenance compensation:

Platinum Ticket

Included in this update:

- New limited time gacha

- New limited event stages

- Expedition limited event

- Main story chapter 8

- New player support package

- New unit added to normal or silver gacha

Limited Event Stage "Cave Exploration" 12th November~19th November (1 week):Edit

- New girl Erina can be obtained from this event - Obtain [R+] Erina by clearing the final episode of the 2 AP maps of this event

- Earn reputation points by clearing one of the 4 reputation giving stages unlocked after clearing the main event stages.

- Harder difficulty reputation stages will give you more points.

- Reaching certain milestones of reputation points will reward you with items, including more copies of Erina you can use to bring her to [UR] rank

- On the hardest 2 difficulties, there is a chance to get a SSR equipment drop...which I'm not entirely sure how to call it, so I'm just going to call it a Mushroom Medal.

Expedition Limited Event (1 week too assumedly):Edit

- Earn mushrooms by clearing expeditions

- Exchange your mushrooms in the achievements tab for [SSR] "Mushroom Medal" equipment in the event tab (limited to 4 purchases)

- Can also exchange them in the daily tab for 25 AP potion and [R] EXP Equipment, both twice a day

- The amount of mushrooms per expedition will vary by the expedition map cleared (can check the very first item which will either be mushroom or a blue box icon for quantity)

- 5 Expedition count refresher tickets can be obtained using the retrieval button on the serial menu. (1 Ticket refresh 1 count to Expedition)

New Player Support Package (12th November ~ 10th December):Edit

- Anyone who makes an account during this period will receive a Newbie Support Package 1

- Included in this package is [SR] レリア (Animal ears housewife material), 25 AP potion (x10), equipment box 1 (x10), gift box (x10).

- Obtain the package by going to the serial menu, and clicking the retrieval button at the bottom. The box will be delivered to your storage. - When you open the box, it will likely give you 4 more boxes to open to actually get your items.

Gacha Changes:Edit

- New limited time gacha for new units Ains and アハト (a-ha-to ???) until the 26th November

- After the limited time gacha for them expires, they will be added to platinum gacha

- Stephanie and Chloe added to platinum gacha

- New unit Noin added to silver/normal gacha as all rarities


- Grandmaster/player level cap increased to 80

- Extension of half price sale for character storage expansion (until 10th December)

- Added event scenarios to scenario recollection library

- Achievement reset time changed to 12AM JP time

Bug fixes:Edit

- A problem where the effectiveness of a character's country vs another would vary - Fixed problem during expeditions where clicking to defeat an enemy wouldn't give any exp or silver - Text corrections