4 newEdit

2 Premium Unit added in the Rare Gacha

Normal Unit can be recruit from the Normal gacha

New event Collection of gold coins (same as the dragon heart event)

New event Exterminate Mission (Info Below)

== New icon at home screen is the Exterminate Mission ==

Daily limit will be limited (2 for now) Limit will be restored at 12 am server time

Select 1 to 3 available waves that u want to challenge (4 , 6, 10) All battle will be continuous

Important Edit

Clicking on escape or returning to home screen will result in consume of limit count by 1

  1. Units can be exchange and swapped around if needed
  2. Units Health and Blessing meter will not be recovered after each battle
  3. Teams can be change for each battle
  4. If Defeated by the wave, different teams can chosen but defeated units cannot be used again
  5. If No more team can be selected, user will be return to the home screen and limit count will be consume
  6. Any excess drops from wave will be transferred to the storage


New Story stages unlock

New unit for fresh users