U20160107 033612

Included in this update:Edit

- 200,000 Members Milestone Limited Gatcha

- Platinum Gatcha "Jade" units chance up

- New Year Limited Gatcha extension

- Limited Event "Instructor's Teachings"

- Extermination/Marathon with a new weapon

200,000 Members Milestone Limited Gatcha:Edit

- For reaching 200,000 Members, a limited gatcha will be held

- Obtain medals to use in the limited gatcha through the connection timer bonus each day

- Up to 8 can be obtained


- Units from the "Jade" country have chance up rates in platinum gatcha

New Year Limited Gatcha Extension:Edit

- Different units for SSR and UR ranks (SSR+ stays the same)

- Instead of earning tickets from 11-roll limited time gatcha, it is tickets from 11-roll of platinum gatcha

- Up to 10 tickets attainable again

Limited Event "Instructor's Teachings":Edit

- New stages with scenarios

- After clearing stages 1~6, new stages open up where "Knight's Crest" can drop

- Achievement for 6th Stage is ベルタ+

- Exchange Knight's Crests in the event tab in the shop for various items (subject to purchase limits)

- To rank up ベルタ, you must purchase R copies in the event shop for 44 crests each

- The last 2 difficulties will also offer a chance to drop new equipment "Frost Ring".


- New "Sacred Treasures" extermination/marathon

- They recommend using grandmaster skill which seals enemy skills, especially on 10-battle

- 10-battle has a chance to drop a new weapon, which has a skill attached that allows you to use it in battle (dmg + seal enemy skills)\


- Some UI changes in battle screen and sortie screen to accommodate the new skill equipment

- Clicking on your username brings up a user summary screen

More to come as I edit..