==Included in this update : ==

- Valentine Limited Time Gatcha

- Pick-up Gatcha new selection

- New event stages

- Expedition event

- Connection timer bonus and daily login bonuses changed

- New extermination/marathon

- Max AP limits raised

- UI improvements

Gatcha :

- New Valentine Limited Time Gatcha (4th Feb ~ 18th Feb)

- Special costume Claire and Kittori can be obtained from this valentine gatcha

- Chances for SSR and SR ranks are improved on this gatcha (rates can be seen in patch notes)

- After the time period, none of these girl variations will be added to the platinum gatcha

- Additionally, SSR and SR rank chances have been improved for platinum gatcha (I am not sure if this is temporary or permanent)

Pick Up Gatcha  (Current Roster 4th Feb ~ 18th Feb)

- Using the 11-roll option on limited time gatchas will reward you with a "Pick Up Ticket" in your mail box

- You can use these tickets to roll in this gatcha. Rolling is random like always.

- In this gatcha, there are two outlier units, Rosalie+ and Marielle+. They are [40 Gem] exchange units (discharge them for 40 gems a girl to use in the gem shop.)

- Note that the rank chances are different in this gatcha, and they can be seen in the patch notes.

- As tickets are sent automatically to your mail box, there is no limit to the amount of tickets you can obtain from 11-rolling

- There will be another selection of units after this current roster for the pick up gatcha.

Event "In whose Hands Lies the Fate of Tomorrow" and "Sweets Showdown: The Sequel" (4th Feb ~ 18th Feb)

- By clearing the stages for "In whose Hands lies the Fate of Tomorrow", you will be able to obtain [R+] Valentines Special Costume Francette!

- By clearing the stages for "Sweets Showdown: The Sequel", you will obtain "Handmade Chocolate", which can be exchanged in the event tab of the shop for various items

-There is also a chance for SSR equipment to drop on certain difficulties

- In the 2nd week, a new stage for Sweets Showdown will be added with better drop conditions for Handmade Chocolate, as well as an artifact drop

- Additionally, the artifact will be made available for purchase in the event shop in the 2nd week

Valentine Expedition event (4th Feb ~ 18th Feb)

- By clearing expeditions, you can obtain "Chocolate"

- Exchange these chocolates for items in the events achievement tab

- Daily achievements are 20 chocolates for 25 AP potion or a card (affection item), please be aware of this

- By doing all available 5 expeditions each day you can complete the daily for a bouquet of flowers (affection item?)

Timer Connection Bonus and Daily Login Bonus:

- Timer connect on bonus rewards have changed. Most notably, the 3rd reward is a "Secret Chocolate Recipe".

- This item can be exchanged in the achievements daily tab for certain items. 6 recipes are needed for one item.

- As it is a daily achievement, you could theoretically exchange for 2 of the same item.

- As there are no lines regarding how long this one will last, I am uncertain of how many weeks this one will last.

- Daily login bonus has reset and has been changed. The equips at the end of the row are [SSR] Ribbon Shields.

Extermination/Marathon missions (4th Feb ~ 18th Feb)

- By doing one of the two latest 10-battle stage, you can obtain the [Artifact] equip "Love Cupid"

- This new [Artifact]'s skill damages the enemy team and stuns them

- The newest artifact can be obtained on the 2nd page 10-battles

- The 10-battles on the first page are older 10-battles with older [Artifact] equips Max AP Limit increased:

- Like it says. This is so great it deserves its own header. I went from 161 -> 238. I could sleep for 12 hours and just barely go over my AP limit!

Automatic Discharging of Base Girls when Rolling Silver Gatcha :

- There is now a checkbox you can tick to automatically discharge base girls when they are rolled during your silver gatcha rolls

Miscellaneous :

- The UI for when you are using an item has improved by including the icon of the item you're about to use as well as the name

- This UI improvement also extends to when you feed girls to the glorious floating blue exp sponge orb or discharge girls

- Also, when in the rank up unit selection, it appears that only girls at their current max level limit for that rank will be shown